Making Your Own Talking Stick & Bag

Used in different cultures all over the world this stick brings the bearer the power to hold the attention of the room.

Full of energies from the tree from which it fell this relatively small item when worked and made by you will also take on your energies..

Want to have family meetings where everyone gets heard? Bring out the Talking Stick.

Want to be more connected to your surroundings and Nature? Get yourself a Talking Stick.

So many benefits of having this in your possesion to name here, but if nothing else it's a fun thing to do. You could also be the coolest for gifting a stick that you have made to someone who has interests in Nature, Spirituality and connections with those.

It will be unique to you, and to itself. Find out what magic is within the wood and bring out the creative streak in you today.

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What Is It For?

A Talking Stick is more than just a talking point. It has been used historically to keep large meetings in order. No, they didn't hit folk with it - though I cannot say that never happened - it was a mark of respect for the person holding it. The one with the stick held the floor and that way their voice was heard. To signify they had finished speaking they would say something like 'Aho!' or 'Thank you' and the rest of the gathering would indicate they had heard and listened to them by saying 'Aho!' or 'Thank you' back to them.

Great for family mediation of any kind. Sometimes used in Schools & business meetings too.

Learning New Things

In this guide you will learn about the sourcing and seasoning of the wood. How and where to keep it. What kind of paint and varnishes to use. How to make more than one item from one branch.

It's all about learning new ways to connect not just to the wood but to your Inner Crafter!

Discovering Your Unique Style

The great thing about this is that you really don't need to be good at drawing, painting or even that good at woodwork.

Spend the time sourcing and getting to know the wood and the other materials and be amazed at the story that unfolds. A story discovered by you alone, brought out of it's silence by you, for you.

And it's something no one else will have that is quite the same.

Here's What You'll Learn

We take you through the sourcing, seasoning and preparing of the wood. How by getting into connection with the materials you will find what wants to come out and that will be yours to interpret. Then to keep it secure and safe you will be shown the steps of making a bag to keep your stick, something that you will use and cherish all the more because you made it.

Even if you're not the 'craftiest' of people this is something that is fun to do. Getting out into Nature to source the wood - or even to your local craft market (while you wait for your wood to season - of course) it becomes a journey of connection and of telling a story.

This is also a tale you can tell to your children and Grandchildren.

Finding something new and out of the ordinary can sometimes be the first step in a new journey. Travel with us a while and see what comes through for you.

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